Seth Rogen Brags About Turning Down Photo With Paul Ryan: ‘No Way, Man!’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actor Seth Rogen bragged about refusing to take a photo with outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan during an appearance on “The Late Show” Friday night.

“‘No way, man!'” he recalled telling Ryan, “And I couldn’t stop. I said, ‘Furthermore, I hate what you’re doing with the country at this moment.'”


Rogen explained to host Stephen Colbert that he had been invited to speak at an event hosted by Utah Republican Senate candidate Mitt Romney about brain health — since Rogen has a charity that benefits those with Alzheimers — and he stumbled into a chance meeting with Speaker Ryan.

At one point, two very young, white teenage men … they asked to take a picture with me. They’re maybe 16, 17. Very nice fans — clearly fans of mine.

And then they said, ‘Our Dad wants to meet you,’ and I turned around and Paul Ryan was walking towards me. My whole body puckered, as it were. I tensed up. And … I didn’t know what to do!

Rogen said that Ryan shook his hand then asked for a photo himself. Admitting he felt a little conflicted because Ryan’s sons were still standing close by, Rogen said that he just couldn’t help himself. (RELATED: These Are The Best Responses To Seth Rogen’s Idiotic ‘American Sniper’ Tweet)

‘No way, man! And I couldn’t stop. I said, ‘Furthermore, I hate what you’re doing with the country at this moment, and I’m counting the days till you no longer have one iota of the power that you currently have.’ And I look over and his kids are still standing right there, and I feel very conflicted about this at this moment. It’s not their fault, but at the same time, they should probably learn that if they like a movie or song, the person who made that probably doesn’t like their Dad that much—unless they’re watching ‘Roseanne reruns.