Antonio Sabato Jr. To Cuomo On Immigration: ‘I Know You’re Trying To Be A Smart A**’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter

California congressional candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. went all-in on CNN host Chris Cuomo, calling him a “smart a**” for his deflecting comments on immigration during an interview Monday.


Cuomo and Sabato Jr. battled over a hypothetical scenario in which they discussed someone climbing through a window, and then adding the possibility of getting chased by an axe — all part of an analogy for illegal immigration.

Sabato Jr. insisted that immigration into the United States while not following legal processes “is still illegal.”

“I think if you cross the border like I repeated myself already, if you cross the border illegally there’s a price you’ve got to pay. I think if you do it legally through the door, come in legally, then we are — we are allowing you to be an American citizen at some point. Just do it legally, that’s all I’m saying,” Sabato Jr. said.

Then he turned the tables on Cuomo.

“What do you do with the kids, separate them from the parents or keep them together?” Cuomo asked.

“I would never — don’t ask me that question. I have kids of my own. I know you’re trying to be a smart a**,” Sabato Jr. retorted. He added, “That’s CNN talking.”

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