CNN Anchor Begs Liberals To Stop Harassing Trump Supporters: ‘It Is Helping Donald Trump!’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin went on a rant against liberals harassing and discriminating against Trump supporters and staffers Monday on CNN.

A former Jimmy Carter staffer was on Baldwin’s show and shrugged off the recent harassment of press secretary Sarah Sanders at a Virginia restaurant.  “I would not have protested against Sarah Sanders, but I’ve been in that situation myself as a former White House staffer, that goes with the territory,” the Carter staffer said.

In response, Baldwin pleaded with him saying that type of behavior “is helping” president Trump. Baldwin listed a long series of Trump staff who have been harassed in recent days before saying, “the Sarah Sanders episode over the weekend — It is helping Donald Trump. Let me say that again, it is helping — for the people who are praising it, it’s helping him.” Baldwin pleaded, “I know you want to jump back in, he has a 90% approval rating among Republicans. So what do you do with that number?”

In response, a New York Times writer described being at Turning Point’s Young Women Leadership Summit last weekend in Dallas, saying “17 and 24-year-old women who are largely Trump supporters, one of the things that stuck out there, is like that feeling you’re talking about, they’re not really united in their love of Donald Trump, they were united in their hatred of the left, and their hatred of certain social movements that has been big on the left.”

“That’s what’s pulling them together,” Baldwin added.