CNN Does Live Shot From Trump Rally – Trump Supporters Make Them Immediately Regret It

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in South Carolina Monday night. In preparation for the rally, CNN’s Jim Acosta did a live shot in front of the crowd gathered in the arena hours before the president would speak.

Acosta told Wolf Blitzer,  “[Trump] will be campaigning here and he will hammer the issue of immigration until the mid-term elections coming up this fall. And even with families being separated with their children at the border, the president believes this issue is a winner for the Republican Party. As they try to drown out questions from reporters…”

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However, what CNN perhaps did not count on was having some very anti-CNN Trump supporters in the background of the shot. One man held up a “CNN Sucks” sign while Acosta was speaking. Then, the audience began chanting “CNN Sucks!” and “Four more years” as Acosta was talking.

Acosta said the crowd was “fired up,” and said that “they are letting the press corps know how they feel about what we’re doing here.”