Glenn Beck Explains Why He Stormed Off Set During CNN Interview

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Mike Brest Reporter
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American media personality Glenn Beck explained why he stormed off his interview on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” during his radio show Monday morning.

“I was asked to go on and talk about why the media just isn’t heard by the right,” Beck said. “[CNN’s coverage] was example after example after example of why nobody is listening to the media.” (RELATED: GLENN BECK STORMS OFF CAMERA DURING CNN INTERVIEW — ‘YOU WANT TO PLAY THOSE GAMES?’)

“The reason why I walked off the show yesterday had nothing to do with the question and everything to do with him proving me correct every step of the way, and my time is more valuable than that,” he stated. “I would have rather been having breakfast with my kids. It’s a waste of time. And I really thought Brian would be a guy who might — might — actually be open to hearing it. But no.”

During the interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, they were arguing about the media’s coverage of President Trump. Once Stelter brought up an article citing the potential end of Beck’s media empire, however, Beck seemed to have had enough. He unclipped his microphone and stormed off set.

“The next time we want to take a picture of out of context, I’m sure you’re going to react exactly the same way,’ Beck added in reference to TIME magazine’s photoshopped cover of a crying Honduran girl — whose photo went viral all over the internet because it was believed that her tears were inspired by being separated from her mother — standing beside President Trump. As it turns out, the child was never being separated from her mother.  (RELATED: CRYING HONDURAN CHILD WHO BECAME THE FACE OF BORDER FAMILY SEPARATION WAS NEVER SEPARATED FROM FAMILY)