Hillary Clinton Dumps On America In Foreign Country … Again

(Photo: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Two years after Hillary Clinton lost a presidential election, the former first lady and Obama’s secretary of state still can’t let go of the fact that she lost.

She recently traveled all the way to England and has been to many other foreign countries since the election to dump on the electoral college and other great American ideas, probably because her American audience is done listening to her complain within their own country.

This particular dump came during her speech at Oxford.


“Populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. Now, there are many other lessons like this. Louise mentioned my personal experience with winning three million more votes but still losing,” Clinton said. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Calls Out Comey Over Emails Following IG Report)

“And we will leave discussions of American Electoral College for another day,” Hillary stated, followed by giggles from the crowd.

“But Mounk concludes by saying, ‘Turkey also shows that political and intellectual elites, both inside the country and around the world, persistently underestimate the threat which these kinds of leaders pose to the survival of democratic institutions,'” Clinton continued.

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