Trump Talks About The Support Of His ‘Darling’ Wife Melania At Rally

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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President Trump had only wonderful things to say about the First Lady regarding her personal support for him, stemming from before the election, during a rally for Henry McMaster in South Carolina’s gubernatorial race.


Trump went on about how Melania had supported him, even before the election.

“And the one who knew was my wife,” Trump said. “She’s very smart. She said, you know there’s nobody that can take your place, don’t you? I said thank you, darling. How smart is that? I don’t know if she believes it, but she said, there’s nothing that can take your place.”

Trump continued, “She’s got a great style. We greeted today the king of Jordan and the queen of Jordan. It was like a picture. I watched the three of them, the queen, the king and the first lady. I stood back and I watched. I didn’t want to destroy that picture. I will tell you, she has done a tremendous job as first lady.”

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