Joy Behar: Restaurant Incident Made That ‘Liar’ Sarah Sanders ‘A Victim’ [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar bemoaned that “liar” Sarah Sanders is now seen as a “victim” after she was asked to leave a restaurant because of President Donald Trump’s policies.

The comments came Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” during a panel discussion about Congresswoman Maxine Waters defending her call to action for people to harass Trump administration officials when they are out in public.

Behar said that Waters didn’t talk about harming people and said she was just referring to people in the president’s cabinet, not Trump supporters in general. But Sarah Haines came back and explained that there’s a huge difference between protests and harassing people and said this is not how you make change happen.

“She also said make a crowd around them. I think there’s a distinction between protest and harassment,” Haines explained. “I don’t think this solves problems. Getting people in public and trusting each individual to scream and yell things just because they — I agree that policy of separating children was egregious and awful. If you want to protest, get organized, get informed and do that. That’s changed history. If you want to resist them, go to the voting booth. This is not how you make change. This is how you make disruption.”

Sunny Hostin disagreed and said you can’t “direct people as to how they can protest,” before Behar shared that she too has been harassed.

“I have to say something about this,” Behar interjected.” I was coming to work and some guy harassed me. He said, ‘Joy go away.’ It’s happening on both sides. It’s happening to us, too. This is one of the main reasons I’m objecting to it because it goes both ways.”

Meghan McCain then interjected and said this kind of call to action is dangerous.

“It’s dangerous. And when you are talking about harassment, going up to them and harassment,” McCain responded. “And if you’re saying just in the Trump cabinet and Trump administration … I have family in the Trump administration. So you’re talking about me, as well, if I’m out to dinner with him.”

“I just think we got to be better as Americans and talk it out,” McCain continued. “Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball game. He almost died. It’s a miracle he somehow made it back on the congressional floor. So we’re talking about amping this up. Both sides have to do it the best way they possibly can or please don’t lecture me how one side goes high while the other goes low. Everyone is low right now.”

Whoopi Goldberg called it a slippery slope when Behar jumped in saying Sarah Sanders’ victimization is a problem.

“It also has made Sarah Sanders a victim,” Behar interjected. “That liar, who lies for the president, is now a victim.”

Goldberg then shared her thoughts on the subject, saying, “Sara Sanders, you’re not a victim. I’m just saying.”

“But you’re still a liar,” Behar responded.