‘Dangerous Speech’: Arizona College Workshop Will Combat Mean Words


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Maricopa Community Colleges will soon host a workshop on identifying “Dangerous Speech” and learning how to combat its impacts, according to the college website.

The two-day workshop this October, titled “Hate Speech versus Free Speech: Navigating the Changing Boundaries in Today’s World,” will define “dangerous speech” as “public language that tends to catalyze intergroup violence.”

“Using real examples from many countries and hands-on activities, this training teaches skills to help build long-term societal resilience to violence, including by identifying, resisting, and countering Dangerous Speech and its impact,” the website states. (RELATED: Why Are Colleges Obsessed With ‘Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech’ Workshops?) 

The first day will address the factors that make speech “more or less dangerous” and will provide attendees tools to “decode” speech.

But the second day aims to offer intervention ideas to counter “Dangerous Speech” and “reduce the risk of intergroup violence.”

And there’s even a “Dangerous Speech Project” to learn about types of public speech that may trigger “intergroup violence” — a term the college doesn’t seem to have defined yet.

The Daily Caller contacted the school’s media relations department for clarification but did not hear back in time for publication.