Can you Match These Strange Laws With Their Corresponding Countries?

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Sharan Kumar Contributor
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There are tons of outrageous and wacky laws that exist all over the world. While these laws are often unorthodox, there is always a history or context that led to the enactment of the strange legal ways of other countries.

In the U.K., for example, dying inside the Houses of Parliament is illegal. This is because, historically, anyone who died in the building was given a “state funeral.” This law exists to prevent that from happening.

Another example of a country with a strange law is Greece, which has banned high heels from its archeological sites. Places like the Acropolis have been damaged somewhat by high heels, so Greek authorities placed a ban in 2009 to prevent the wear and tear of vulnerable national monuments.

“Female visitors must wear shoes that do not wound the monuments,” Eleni Korka, Director of Greek Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, told Daily Mail in 2009. “These monuments have a skin that suffers and people must realise that.”