Michigan Far-Left Campaign Manager Arrested For Disobeying Simple Police Order


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The campaign manager of Michigan Democratic governor hopeful Shri Thanedar was arrested Sunday for disobeying a police order to refrain from interfering with an investigation, according to The Detroit News.

David Bullock, pastor of a Highland Park Baptist Church, was told by local police to stand away from an area where officers were investigating a woman who reportedly vandalized cars in the church parking lot.

“Stay on this side of the street. You’re not welcome over here while I’m doing an investigation,” an officer told Bullock while walking him away from a female witness being interviewed.


But Bullock immediately sprang back to the scene and was arrested by multiple officers.

A police department spokesperson said Bullock was “yelling and demanding to know what the police officer was doing with this woman.”

Thanedar identifies as a progressive democrat and holds far-left opinions, such as heavy taxes on the rich and support for a universal healthcare system. Bullock was named campaign manager in May, shortly after he was fired from his radio host role over accusations of receiving payment from Thanedar to promote the campaign, InsideRadio reports.

Demanding an investigation into the officers’ actions, Thanedar accused the police of racial bias. “Everyday, African-American men go through similar traumatic and humiliating experiences through no fault of their own,” he said on Facebook.

While the matter is under investigation, police say there’s not yet evidence against the arrest.

“We have a lot of camera footage so we will let the chips fall where they may,” police chief Chester Logan told Fox 2 Detroit.

The Daily Caller contacted Thanedar’s campaign for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.