Tucker Goes After Civil Rights Lawyer Over Casually Calling People ‘Nazis’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Tucker Carlson battled Robert Portillo, a civil rights lawyer, over the frequent occurrence of casually labeling people with opposing political beliefs as “Nazis” Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight.


“We hear a lot from the administration, a lot from its opponents. I’m glad that you are here, we disagree. I think we should have a conversation. You do not have the right to scream at me in front of my children at a restaurant,” Carlson said. “Surround my house on a weekend when my kids are home. Come to my church, go to their soccer games, go to my parents’ funerals. Do you see the difference between having a debate over the issues and intimidating people in the public space?”

Portillo deflected, saying “the entirety of this issue started with the lack of messaging on the part of the administration.”

“I guess the point I’m making is, once you start describing people you disagree with politically as Nazis as the worst category of almost non-human beings, you are almost by definition encouraging — first of all your closing out any possibility of agreement or compromise, and you are basically saying, ‘hurt them’,” Tucker said.

He continued, “If you really thought that Nazis were taking over the country, you know what I would do? I would consider force. I don’t want to be governed by Nazis. So that’s why we don’t talk that way, because by its definition it encourages violence.”

When asked if they could both agree that calling people “Nazis” for differing in political opinion is a bad thing, Portillo deflected to Charlottesville, saying, “Can the right not support Charlottesville actual Nazis who were walking around with swastikas?”

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