Can You Guess Which Inventors Came Up With These Inventions?


Aaron Andrews Contributor
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Have you ever stopped to wonder what the world would be like without tape? Or windshield-wipers? Or air-conditioning?

There are thousands of inventions that simplify and make our lives more convenient, more comfortable and more enjoyable. We tend to take these devices for granted.

Pay attention! Take joy in the simple convenience of our day and age. Sure, you may be having a terrible day at work. Who knows, maybe you stepped on some gum in the street, and that’s the worst — we’ve all been there. But hey! At least we have air conditioning! Sure, work may suck. You might be in desperate need of a vacation. But hey! At least you’re only ever a couple plane rides away from Maui! Think of the less fortunate people who lived hundreds of years ago. For them, flying to Maui was not even a conceivable option.

We live in an incredible time thanks to inventions created by inspirational human beings.

A few examples are listed below. Can you guess who made these inventions?