Jordan Peterson Praises America And Critiques Justin Trudeau In Q&A Session [VIDEO]


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Psychology professor Jordan Peterson publicly praised the American political system during an Oxford Union Society Q&A session in May.

“This is one of the things that’s so great about the way the Americans set up their political system — because it was never utopian. Their idea was, ‘Look, we are probably going to be governed by halfwits who are not any smarter than we are.’ It wasn’t, ‘We’re going to set up the perfect system.’ It’s like, ‘How can we ensure that if we are governed by halfwits that are no smarter than us that we won’t end up in hell?'” Peterson said at the debating society event on May 16.

Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto, was asked a question by an unidentified audience member about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, The Daily Wire reported Tuesday.

“I’m Canadian and we have a leader who is probably the most — attempting to be the most politically correct leader in the world. I’d love to hear your response if you had his ear for five minutes and could present very simply to him where he might be going wrong,” the attendee said.


“Well, I guess I would ask him to consider the possibility that his emphasis on tribal inequality … might do more harm than good. It’s useful if you have a theory to think through the worst possible consequences of its application, right?” Peterson said. “It’s a good antidote to ideological possession. It’s like, well, just for a minute, imagine that your theory could go spectacularly wrong. What would that look like?” (RELATED: Jordan Peterson’s Anti-Christian Vision)

His point directed at politicians was to not fix what is not broken.

“So, when things are working, be very cautious about what you do radically to fix them because you don’t know what the consequence of your intervention is going to be. And so that’s another thing I might suggest — caution,” Peterson concluded.

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