THE DEPORTABLES: Media Fake Outrage Over Trump … OOPS … Obama-Era Immigration Policy

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Ron Hart Contributor
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The latest in the left’s shrill attempt to undermine Trump is showing pictures of Obama-era detention centers with kids in chain-linked areas. Then they wax sanctimonious about how it is so cruel and that Trump is evil. They feel that acting with fake outrage gives them virtue.

The media, which is the Democrat Party now, have tried this tactic for two years to undermine Trump. But he stands up to withering, misplaced blame and lies, and he just grows stronger. The jackals in the media, “deep state” and academia have become unhinged.

Democrats in New York most recently went after the Trump Foundation, saying it is so bad it is almost as corrupt as the Clinton Foundation.

Now this fake “Auschwitz-like” detention of illegal-immigrant kids has made them act all hot and bothered. But it’s not working. If the left is going to get their Jaws around Trump, they are going to need a bigger porn starlet.

Strengthening the border, post-Obama “Deporter in Chief,” has not been easy. Trump wants the wall he promised us, and Dems go out of their way to deny him everything. Trump says in speeches, “The Great Wall of China worked!”

Which is true: You hardly see a Mexican in China.

So without “the Wall,” he has done everything legally (all of which Clinton/Bush/Obama did) to deter illegals at our border. Few of these kids come in with their parents; most are taken on the treacherous trip across Mexico by coyotes. The kids are used as shields to protect traffickers; most are not related, as they often claim. Putting kids in a very nice government facility with AC, cartoons on TV, good food, health care, hygiene classes and education is somehow Auschwitz?? My dad was a Marine; when he saw the facility on TV he said his barracks were not nearly as nice. Hell, Chicago housing projects are not that nice.

I bet if we make these kids from war-torn areas go to Chicago, they would prefer to go back home for safety.

In reality, illegals are costly to taxpayers. Schools, welfare, hospitals, crime, etc. end up costing us. Currently, DHS and FBI estimate that 32 percent of U.S. prisoners are “known or suspected” aliens. Each one costs us about $40,000 a year to imprison, and countless more to arrest and prosecute.

We need an immigration policy that works. I am pro-immigration…legal immigration. The left conflates any desire to control immigration with hatred of foreigners – one of the many false premises that fuel their rhetoric.

If you think unchecked immigration will not change a country, ask our Native Americans. My ancestors did not come here from England in 1752 just to see this country overrun by foreigners! They came here legally, seeking a better life than they had in Europe and to get away from having to watch soccer.

Parts of Europe are a disaster because of immigration issues. London had so much immigrant crime (odd given England’s strict gun control laws) that Mayor Saddiq Khan had to outlaw knives. There is an object lesson for America: If you don’t regulate your borders, you will eventually have to regulate your cutlery.

Chain migration should end. It’s a system where only the children of parents and grandparents who are already here are admitted, no matter how bad they are. Government adopted the policy from Piedmont Driving Club.

It always ends an argument and creeps me out when Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Attorney General Jeff Sessions start using the Bible to make their immigration political points. Maybe they feel the presence of Jesus all around them. If so, they must be in a Home Depot parking lot.

It is important that we maintain fair trading arrangements with Mexico. It produces oil, tequila, Corona beer, spring break venues and a lot of weed. Mexico is also the top producer of Arizonans. Liberals in California do not have to worry too much about poor migrant workers invading the nicer areas of Los Angeles. They have a built-in wall there that keeps them out: $4,500 a month rent for two-bedroom apartments.

The truth is border protection is a complex matter so full of government confusion that only the coyotes understand how to manipulate it. They show up and get arrested. Deportation hearings can take years, so they just disappear into America and don’t show up.

It is even more confusing when they do show up to court. Two illegal Mexican men appeared for a deportation hearing in a Los Angeles court and the judge instinctively married them.

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