Meghan McCain Tackles Democrat Division: ‘If You Want To Shoot Yourselves In The Foot, By All Means’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Meghan McCain addressed the division within the Democratic party with a shrug on Wednesday, saying, “if you want to shoot yourselves in the foot, by all means.”

During a conversation about Tuesday’s primary elections — one that saw the advance of a Democratic socialist — the conversation on ABC’s “The View” turned to whether or not there was truly a “fracture” within the party.

Joy Behar argued that any damage Bernie Sanders may have done to the party when he damaged Hillary Clinton was “awhile ago,” but McCain had other ideas:

“I don’t do many things right, but I’ve been doing politics my entire life. My mom was pregnant with me at the Reagan convention. I’m telling you, there’s a fracture in the Democratic party, and again, if you want to shoot yourselves in the foot, by all means.”

McCain went on to make the case for Republicans banding together, supporting Trump in spite of things they may not like about him. “Democrats are not so good at this,” she said, “That’s why there continues to be a split … your party has got to figure out if it’s the party of socialism …”

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Whoopi Goldberg weighed in on Republicans and their willingness to pull together, implying that they only did so by lowering their standards. She said, “Not to knock Republicans, but I have to say, they seem to allow certain things. They seem to allow lies …”