Rachel Maddow Says Abortion Will Soon Be ‘Illegal’ In The United States

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Rachel Maddow made an appearance on MSNBC to, calling in on Wednesday to tell everyone just how terrifying Justice Kennedy’s surprise decision to retire really was. Host Nicole Wallace called Maddow her “air traffic controller,” and asked, “How do we land this plane?”

Maddow said, sounding defeated, “Well, if I’m the air traffic controller, I think we should close the air space. Because I am not the one you can count on to safely land in this environment.”

The far left pundit continued,  “I mean, this moment would have happened under a normal Republican president. The fact that it has happened under Trump puts a different cast on it. I mean, Anthony Kennedy is why we got president George W. Bush in Bush v. Gore. Anthony Kennedy is why we have same sex rights in the Obergefell case, and Anthony Kennedy is why we don’t execute children in the Roper case. Anthony Kennedy is the reason we gutted the voting rights act. He’s the reason we have unlimited secret corporate money in politics because of Citizens United …”

Then, Maddow said what other pundits have already begun to come to terms with — the fact that Trump may get a pro-life Justice on the court and overturn Roe v. Wade. “Democrats and Progressives and centrists will be focus on the fact that Anthony Kennedy is very probably the reason we have abortion rights in this country,” Maddow said, “I think within a year abortion will be illegal in half of the United States.”

“That’s not necessarily a Trump issue,” she concluded, “That’s a Republican politics issue. But that’s what this means.”