The Crowd Just Greeted President Trump In The Most Patriotic Way Possible

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump walked out on stage in Fargo, North Dakota Wednesday to a rowdy crowd.

They greeted him in an amazingly positive way, cheering “USA! USA! USA!”


Trump greeted his supporters, saying, “Hello Fargo, hi Fargo, we love you, Fargo. What a place. Thank you very much, this is an honor.”

“I wish we could have had this stage back about a hundred yards, you’d see how many people, this place is packed. The only thing more packed is outside, people trying to get in. They are having a hard time, they can’t get in, it’s full. You know, we had the chance for a 24,000 seat arena, and we should have taken it.” (RELATED: Trump Calls Out The ‘Fake News’ — The Crowd Breaks Out In Chants Of ‘CNN Sucks!’)

“The problem is, if we had two empty seats, we didn’t quite get there — which will always happen — they will say, he didn’t fill up the arena! He didn’t fill it up.” Trump joked.

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