Trump: Could You Imagine If I Said What Maxine Waters Said?

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump wondered aloud why Maxine Waters is able to get away with saying the things she does at a rally in Fargo, North Dakota on Wednesday.


“So a vote for any Democrat in November is a vote for Schumer, Pelosi and Maxine,” Trump said.

“Maxine, she is a beauty! I mean she practically was telling people the other day to assault! Can you imagine if I said the things she said? (RELATED: The Crowd Just Greeted President Trump In The Most Patriotic Way Possible)

“‘We demand that he immediately drop out of the race!'” Trump imitated.

“Can you imagine seriously if I said that, or somebody else said that? Horrible, what she said…now they want to censure her. Let’s see where that goes, folks. Her own party was talking about censure, let’s see where that goes,” he added. (RELATED: Trump Calls Out The ‘Fake News’ — The Crowd Breaks Out In Chants Of ‘CNN Sucks!’)

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