WATCH: Melania Trump Thanks Immigration Enforcement For All Their Hard Work

Justin Caruso Contributor
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First lady Melania Trump thanked immigration enforcement in Arizona Thursday.

Trump said, “I want to thank you for your hard work that you do.”


“Thank you, first of all, for having me here,” Melania said. “I want to thank you for the hard work that you do. I know how dangerous and difficult your daily jobs are. So, I really appreciate all you do for–on behalf of the country.” (RELATED: Melania Trump Hasn’t Been In Public In Two Weeks — What She’s Been Doing Instead Shows Where Her True Heart Is)

“I’m looking forward to our discussion and to tour the facility. I’m here to support you, and give my help, whatever I can, for behalf of the children and the families. Thank you for having me. Thank you.” (RELATED: Melania Trump’s Favorability Is Through The Roof In New Poll)

There were also Border Patrol agents present.

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