President Trump: Let’s Wear Green Hats In 2020 — To Symbolize Money

CSPAN screenshot and Shutterstock/ By elenovsky

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump said that his campaign hats for 2020 might be green instead of red to symbolize cash money.


“That’s the greatest, ‘Make America Great Again.’ So, what are we using in two years — two-and-a half-years? Can you believe two-and-a-half years? So soon.”

“You know what the phrase is, right? Huh? That’s right. Keep America great, of course, exclamation point, right? Keep … because we can’t say in two years — so we were here for four years — we can’t say, ‘Make America Great Again.’ But when you look at what we’re doing, it’s very simple.” (RELATED: Trump To Order Investigation Into FBI/DOJ Surveillance Of His Campaign)

“It’s called ‘Keep America Great.’ We’ll get you nice hats. Maybe we’ll make them green this time instead of red. Green, representing cash.” (RELATED: President Trump Just Turned To An Olympic Athlete And Congratulated Her In The Trump-iest Way Possible)

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