Michael Moore Drops Clip From New Film About Trump’s Presidency [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore said our country is in “deep, deep trouble” before he shared a clip from his upcoming film titled “Fahrenheit 11/9” about Donald Trump’s presidency.

The comment came Thursday night during the 64-year-old filmmaker’s appearance on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The documentary is due to be released before the midterm elections.

“We’re in deep, deep trouble here,” Moore explained. “I’m finishing the film right now. It will be out September 21. It’s called Fahrenheit 11/9, the night he [Donald Trump] was announced as president of the United States.”

When the host pressed him further for details about the movie, Moore did not reveal a whole lot. But he promised it will include things we’ve “not seen” yet.

“This is about how the hell we got in this situation and how we’re going to get out of it,” he added. “I can’t reveal too much right now. We’re in the final edit of the film.  You’re going to see things you have not seen, how about I just put it that way.”

In the clip, we see Moore trying to get the president to come out and speak to him at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

According to Variety, the upcoming documentary is “a provocative and comedic look at the times in which we live. It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump era: how the f**k did we get here, and how the f**k do we get out? It’s the film to see before it’s too late.”