CNN’s Cillizza: President Trump’s Accomplishments Are ‘A Cheer For Conservatives’

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Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza went through a rundown of President Trump’s historic accomplishments a year and a half into his term on Friday afternoon.


“Supreme Court, I think, the most obvious one. Obviously Anthony Kennedy’s retirement means Donald Trump will fill at least two Supreme Court slots and he’s only 18 months into his presidency,” the CNN editor stated. “That’s the kind of thing that can have a generational impact.”

“He’s if not the most popular Republican president among Republicans ever, if he’s not, he’s close to it. Republicans love him even more than when they voted for him back in 2016,” Cillizza added.(RELATED: KENNEDY CALLS IT QUITS: LONGTIME SWING JUSTICE HANDS TRUMP THE BIGGEST GIFT OF HIS PRESIDENCY)

He continued, “When Donald Trump met with Kim Jong-Un in Singapore, it was historic. No sitting president had ever sat across from a North Korea leader ever, in history.”

“It’s a cheer for conservatives and a horror for liberals,” Cillizza concluded.