Tucker’s Burning Question To Univision Anchor: ‘If Poor Central Americans Make Your Country Better, Why Hasn’t It Made Tijuana Better?’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson stumped Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo after Carlson attempted to get Acevedo to explain how an “influx of poor people with low education levels and no jobs” makes a country “richer.”

On Friday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson began his discussion with Acevedo by exploring the role of ICE, but it didn’t take long for the topic to turn to Mexico’s role in deporting, or not deporting, Central American immigrants currently in Tijuana.

“You may not agree with everything that ICE does, but if we abolish ICE who will arrest the thousands and thousands of convicted felons in the country illegally and who interdict the fentanyl that is flowing across the borders from Mexico?” The Daily Caller co-founder asked. “Who will fulfill those roles? Who will protect the country? No one seems to be answering that.” (RELATED: Tucker Tells America ‘What Exactly Would Happen If The Left Killed ICE’)

Acevedo insisted that “undocumented immigrants,” which make up “80 percent of those arrested by ICE,” aren’t criminals and that law enforcement can “take care” of the criminals.

After an exchange on who should eventually be deported, Carlson brought up Central Americans currently residing in Tijuana.

“If importing a lot of poor people from Central America makes your country better, why hasn’t it made Tijuana better to have thousands of central Americans there?” he asked.

“When was the last time you have gone to Tijuana?” Acevedo responded. “I’m happy to go with you. We can go next week. They have incredible restaurants. The city is much, much better than it was a couple of decades ago.”

“I grew up next to Tijuana,” said Carlson. “I have been there a lot. Hold on. I have been there a lot.”

“It’s incredible establishments. So, let’s go to Tijuana so you can see it’s not a horrible place that you just described,” Acevedo said. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: America’s Elites Want ‘Immigration Without Limit’)

“I’m not saying it’s a horrible place,” said Carlson. “What I’m saying is there are hundreds of thousands of people in Tijuana in legal limbo. Mexico doesn’t want to let them stay. And my question is why not? If having undocumented immigrants as you describe them in your country makes your country better, then why doesn’t Mexico give them all Mexican citizenship tomorrow to let them vote in the upcoming presidential election? Real question.”

The Univision anchor responded by contending that Mexico has “deported over 200,000 immigrants to Central America” and is “doing something to stop undocumented immigration from flowing to the U.S.”

“Those who decide not to stay in Mexico don’t stay because the Mexican government is asking them to leave,” said Acevedo. “They are deciding to go to the U.S. They don’t want stay in Mexico because they are fleeing violence. Like we discussed before Mexico is not exactly a safe haven if you want to flee violence.”

“But wait a second,” said the Fox News host. “There are 1,800 murders in Tijuana last year. 1,800 murders. If, again, having hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from central America in your city makes it better, then why did you have 1,800 murders last year? … You know as well as I, that when you have an influx of poor people with low education levels and no jobs it does not make you richer. It makes you poorer. So why are you pretending that the United States benefits from taking in millions of poor people with low education levels?”

“Immigration is good for the economy, Tucker.” Acevedo concluded after pointing out some “dynasties” who came to the United States with nothing. “It’s widely proven.”

“It’s been great for Tijuana,” said Carlson. “That is why you are kicking them out.”

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