ABC’s Brian Ross Officially Leaves After Former Suspension And False Michael Flynn Report

YouTube, CBC News

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Brian Ross is stepping down from his ABC correspondent role after a one-month suspension last year for his false report about Donald Trump and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, according to a Page Six exclusive report.

“We hear that Ross on Monday announced he’s leaving the network,” Page Six writes, adding that executive producer Rhonda Schwartz is leaving as well.

The two issued a letter to staff announcing their exit from the “organization that has meant so much to us” but that “we have decided to pack up and move on from ABC News.”

Ross’ unpaid suspension in December came after his report that Trump directed Flynn to contact Russians before the election, news that caused a 350 point crash in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. (RELATED: ABC News Suspends Brian Ross After Fake Bombshell Story)

Rejoining the network four weeks later, Ross began working the same role but in a different unit for the network. (RELATED: Watch A CNN Panel Dunk On Brian Ross’s Fake News About Trump And Russia)

Ross posted a tweet stating that he’ll continue with investigative journalism.

But as Fox News noted, it’s unclear where the duo will work next.