Trump Drew A Line In The Sand On Defense Spending With ‘Sharply Worded’ Letters to Merkel And Trudeau

Scott Morefield | Reporter

President Trump sent several “sharply worded” letters to NATO allies last month urging them to spend more on their own defense, according to a Monday New York Times report.

The letters were reportedly sent to the leaders of Canada, Norway, Germany, and Belgium, and express a “growing frustration” that none of those nations are paying their fair share.

Several excerpts of President Trump’s letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel were obtained by the Times.

“As we discussed during your visit in April, there is growing frustration in the United States that some allies have not stepped up as promised,” Trump wrote to Merkel. “The United States continues to devote more resources to the defense of Europe when the continent’s economy, including Germany’s, are doing well and security challenges abound. This is no longer sustainable for us.”

Trump added that the “United States Congress” is also “concerned.” (RELATED: Schumer, Pelosi Go Ballistic After Trump Reverses G7 Communique Endorsement)

“Continued German underspending on defense undermines the security of the alliance and provides validation for other allies that also do not plan to meet their military spending commitments, because others see you as a role model,” wrote Trump.

In his letter to Merkel, Trump brought up the “American soldiers” who “continue to sacrifice their lives” while other countries “do not share NATO’s collective security burden.”

“It will, however, become increasingly difficult to justify to American citizens why some countries do not share NATO’s collective security burden while American soldiers continue to sacrifice their lives overseas or come home gravely wounded.”

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