Tucker Calls Out Palestinian Activist Who Says Trump, SCOTUS Are White Supremacists

Julia Nista | General Assignment Reporter

Palestinian activist Amer Zahr said that both Trump and the Supreme Court are rife with white supremacy — and he was met by the  shocked Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday.


“Before you make generalizations based on race, which, as you know, is itself racist…” Carlson began.

Zahr interrupted, “No it’s not.”

Carlson continued, “What percentage white, it’s a little less than 10 percent white now, ok? Our immigration breakdown. What percentage would Trump like to get it to, to achieve this white supremacy that you’re barking about?

“That’s not the point,” Zahr interjected, to which Carlson immediately responded, “Oh it is very much the point.” Carlson added that Zahr accused Trump of white supremacy and asked for exact detail as to what that looks like — a question to which Zahr did not have a clear response.

Zahr went on to bring up the KKK, saying, “The KKK was white supremacists but they told us they hated Catholics and Jews. White supremacy takes on many roles. And yes, Africans and other people contribute greatly.”

“Knock it off, pal, it’s over for you. You’re a moron,” Carlson later said. “They’re actually going crazy. You want to have like a reasonable conversation, and you can’t. Grrr, white supremacy, oh, it’s too frustrating.”

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