A Lesson From Wisconsin: The Majority Doesn’t Like Unhinged


Leah Vukmir Wisconsin State Senator Candidate
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A lot has changed during the last seven years, but sometimes I feel like it’s 2011 when I turn on the TV or open the newspaper.

The anger, hate and venom being directed by Democrats toward anyone who supports President Trump is déjà vu for conservatives in Wisconsin.

When I worked with Governor Walker to take on the union bosses who were bankrupting our state, we were shouted down, harassed and even threatened simply for standing up for what we believed in and delivering on our promises.

What happened to us back then is like what is currently unfolding in Washington and in communities across the country.

The national Democratic Party and liberal members of Congress who are allies of Senator Tammy Baldwin, such as Maxine Waters, are openly advocating for violence against citizens they disagree with. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also learned this past week it is no longer acceptable to dine in public with your family if you aren’t OK wearing one of those pink hats or raising your fist in the name of Resistance.

While Democrats whine about the demeanor of President Trump, their party is led by intolerance fueled by anger and hatred. It’s obvious that they failed to learn the lessons Wisconsin Democrats suffered through in 2010: The majority doesn’t like unhinged.

Governor Walker was elected three times in four years after a hundred thousand of the deranged left swarmed our state Capitol to protest, threaten his life and attempt to recall him from office. Many of my close friends and colleagues survived recall attempts and the constant fear that the safety of their families was in jeopardy. I myself had my life threatened and became the target of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who went so far as to put private emails with my daughter’s medical information in a file marked “opposition research” — a failed attempt to tear me down.

Unfortunately, we learned firsthand that when the unhinged cannot win on the issues, they will attempt to win through the politics of personal destruction.

America is winning in so many ways with President Trump — from appointing judges who believe in the Constitution and delivering historic tax cuts to cutting regulations that strangle our small businesses and telling foreign nations that we will not bow to them. Because they can’t battle these wins, liberal ugliness will get worse before it gets better; desperate liberal politicians like Tammy Baldwin know no other way.

Maxine Waters’ fiery diatribe, the restaurant owner in Southwest Virginia, Twitter trolls who hide behind their phones and keyboards are only the beginning.

Conservatives have stood up to the unhinged left before, and we cannot be afraid to do so again. Intimidation, scare tactics and threats of violence didn’t stop the Walker-GOP agenda in Wisconsin, and it will not stop President Trump from draining the swamp, either.

Endorsed by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Leah Vukmir is a nurse, military mom and conservative who is running for the U.S. Senate to bring the Wisconsin Way to Washington.

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