‘Socialism Will Win!’ — Harvard Prof Argues For Packing SCOTUS With Libs, But His Last Words Told Tucker Everything

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson had Harvard professor Ian Samuel on his Tuesday night show to discuss his arguments to increase the size of the Supreme Court when Democrats take back the Congress, then “pack” the newly created seats with liberals.

While Samuel noticeably tried to make his argument sound as reasonable as possible to Carlson and the Fox News audience, his true colors came through when Tucker gave him the last word.


“Wouldn’t it just be easier to give California, I don’t know, 27 new congressional districts in LA County and be done with it?” Tucker asked his guest. “Or maybe just abolish Congress entirely. If the goal is just to increase the power of the left, why mess around with the Supreme Court?”

Samuel responded by contending that both sides “agree on the basic end,” that the Supreme Court “not be a partisan institution subject to sort of like ideological swings.” Citing the fact that “14 out of the last 18” justices were appointed by Republican presidents, Samuel insisted that he only wants to return the court to being a “nonpartisan institution.”

But, according to the Harvard professor, “We can’t do that until we add some seats to correct the balance.” (RELATED: Michael Moore Lays Out ‘Hail Mary’ Plan To Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee)

“Look, I would love a sort of settlement once this is all done,” said Samuel. “I would love to get to a place, for example, where maybe every president gets two or three guaranteed Supreme Court nominations. Maybe we should have an even numbered Supreme Court. You know, ten justices, five from each party. I think that would  be nice. It would require a little court packing, but that’s the art of the deal. The reality is, we’re way out of whack, and if we are to have any hope of moving forward with a Supreme Court that’s not this kind of ideological partisan institution we have a lot of work to do, so let’s do it.”

“So in other words, increase the power of the left and everything will be cool,” responded the Daily Caller founder, who then argued that the court was actually “center right” when “public opinion polling” is considered.

When the discussion concluded, Carlson gave Samuel the last sentence, and this is how the Harvard professor decided to use it:

“Socialism will win! Thanks for having me.”

After his Fox News appearance, Samuel doubled down on Twitter while responding to a critic: “Hot take: Venezuela is a great country full of great people with a corrupt government. It has that in common with America. Quit shitting on a beautiful slice of humanity. God loves them just as much as he loves you. ✌”

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