MSNBC Guest Condemns Religious Attacks On Potential SCOTUS Nominee Coney Barrett

Mike Brest Reporter
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While on MSNBC Live, National Review columnist David French condemned the attacks on potential Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Wednesday.


“Not fair game,” French said when asked about whether the attacks were acceptable. “The constitution prohibits a religious test for public office.”

French wrote a column about this litmus test on Monday.

“Amy Coney Barrett is at the peak of her profession,” it said, which was read during the segment by host Craig Melvin. “She shares faith practices with millions of co-religionists. Her faith experience is their faith experience. And if progressives seek to block her from the nation’s highest court because of it, they’ll betray our nation’s founding ideals.”

Professor Michael Eric Dyson was also a part of the discussion, but he disagreed with French.

“What I am more concerned about, of course, is the legal consequences of her own vision and what that might mean for the rest of the country, especially when it comes to a woman’s rights to choose and other serious issues that will come before that court,” Dyson stated.

The president will announce his Supreme Court nominee next Monday, July 9. Coney Barrett was one of a handful judges who has spoken to the president about the vacancy.  (RELATED: MSNBC Panel Mocks Potential SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s Religion)