British Mayor Bans President Trump From His City

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The Mayor of a central British city has declared that Donald Trump is banned from his city.

Magid Magid, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield banned the president in anticipation of his scheduled July 13 visit to the United Kingdom. Magid also trolled the president by declaring the date of his visit “Mexico Solidarity Day.”

Magid, a 28-year-old former Somalian refugee, is the youngest mayor in city history and the first Green Party representative to hold the title, according to CBS.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has made no indication he plans on visiting Sheffield, England’s fourth largest city, Magid saw the ban to be fitting anyway. But according to reports from the city’s council to the BBC, the mayor doesn’t actually have the power to do so.

The council stated that despite the lack of power for a ban, they “may through a collective, democratic debate and process, agree to condemn the views of an individual or organization.”

Donald Trump’s meeting with the British Prime Minister — originally set to be an official state visit — will now be what London calls a “working visit,” absent of an official state dinner. There will also be no meeting between President Trump and members of the royal family, according to CBS.