‘Find A Spine’ — Fireworks Explode During CNN Debate About Racism And Trump

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A CNN debate about racism and President Donald Trump on Thursday got heated when one guest told the other to “find a spine.”


Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson and former George W. Bush aide Scott Jennings battled over whether or not Trump is racist, with Dyson and CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota ganging up on the Trump-supporting Jennings.

Jennings said he personally disagrees with things the president has said but that he ultimately views the presidency through the policies that Trump has enacted.

“So you overlook his words?” Camerota asked.

“No, I don’t overlook his words. I’ve been on with you personally saying that I disagree with the words the president has chosen, in many cases,” Jennings responded. “No, I do not believe the president is a racist.”

Dyson alleged that Trump has “emboldened white supremacists” to come forward, asserting, “the resurgent bigotry of America has been catalyzed by this president.”

“I think it is ridiculous here for brother Scott to come on these airwaves and not acknowledge what is clear and plain before us,” Dyson ranted. “Here is a president who has said things quite clearly … and until white folk like you can find your spine, you will continue to be complicit in the racial animus in this country.”

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