Fox Sports Analyst Says LeBron Would Be A Great President

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

William Boyd Contributor
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Fox Sports Insider Chris Broussard said on Thursday’s “Speak For Yourself” show on Fox Sports 1 that LeBron James would be a great president, if he chose to run.

“If he brings his family values and love of family combined with his social awareness as far as social justice and his understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship, which he’s already building businesses, he’d be a great president,” said Broussard.

This discussion was started by host Jason Whitlock saying LeBron could be the “icon of the left-wing movement.” Broussard then took it a step further, telling a story about when LeBron came home from school and the principal saying that LeBron could be president one day.

Whitlock, the show’s host, talked about now his move to LA will make him “this generation’s Muhammad Ali, and set him up politically for whatever he wants to do, and to be a symbol for that left-wing movement.”

Broussard said later, “I think in the future, he could be a great president.” The entire panel would agree that he could be president one day.

LeBron recently signed a four-year contract with the Lakers, after four years and one championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron has a good image around the world, and around the United States. But, running for president is an entirely different animal. Being the symbol of the “left-wing movement” does not automatically get you elected. Would he be a good president? Sound off in the comments below.