Woman Stopped Working Out Because Of Trump – Now She’s Upset She Can’t Open Jars

Getty, Chip Somodevilla

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Trump’s victory in November 2016 shocked many in the political and commentary worlds. Some reacted very badly to Trumps victory. Some even left the country. One Australian liberal was so upset at the conservative victory she gave up working out and eating healthy, choosing instead to fall into a deep depression.

Her name is Brigid Delaney, and she writes in The Guardian that Trump has made her so weak she can no longer “open jars” or “carry groceries.”

In an article titled, “I stopped going to the gym because of Trump. Now I can’t open jars,” Delaney laments her sad tale of Trump-era depression. Delaney made a bet with her local gym owner that she would push a heavy sled if Trump won.

“After Trump claimed victory, I went up to the gym in a foul mood. ‘Just fucking load up the fucking sled, all right, and let’s get it over with,’ I said without much grace as I strapped a belt around my waist,” Delaney writes. “I pulled the sled like a human [ox] while being filmed and the gym staff cheered. I did it. But the Trump victory soured my successful show of strength.”

Delaney was scarred by the incident and the existential realities it implied: “Yeah, I could pull a pretend sled. But how was that going to help me when the world had been destroyed by nuclear weapons or climate change?”

She stopped going to the gym because she associated it with Trump.

“In the spirit of the Donald, I drank more bottles of Diet Coke and ate more McDonald’s. I dropped the gym – embracing Trump’s belief that we are given a certain amount of energy and if we use it then we are depleting a finite resource … Months passed. Then a year. Trump was going to be in power for another 1,000 years. Or at least that’s what it felt like. Could I really avoid the gym for the entirety of his presidency?”

Ultimately, Delaney writes that she had no more strength to do simple chores. “I missed being strong enough to open jars and carry groceries.”