Comedian On MSNBC: Trump Is A ‘Keyboard Gangster’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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MSNBC brought on a comedian, Sinbad, to call out President Trump in an interview with host Ari Melber Thursday.


“First of all, you remember there’s two different Donald Trumps. There’s the Donald Trump of the 90’s, that did all the fights, was doing Trump’s casinos. You know, you had Mike Tyson there, Don King promoting the fights. He’s hanging out with hip hop cats,” Sinbad began.

He continued, “And now you’ve got this other one, I think the post dementia Donald Trump who just loves picking fights, because I think he’s a lonely man. I think this man never really had a lot of friends. He wants to be popular. He wants to be a celebrity. And he loves being able to Twitter slam people because you don’t have to see them face to face. He’s not good with that.”

Sinbad went on to call Trump a “keyboard gangster.”

Sinbad was most popular in the 1990’s. His show, The Sinbad Show, was cancelled in 1994, but the show earned him a Kids Choice Award for “Favorite Television Actor” in 1995.

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