Don Jr. Has A Perfect Solution For The Teenager Who Had His MAGA Hat Stolen

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Donald Trump Jr. has a perfect solution to a sad story involving Texan Hunter Richard, 16, who wore a Make America Great Again hat to a local Whataburger restaurant and was assaulted for it.

Richard was peacefully sitting at his local burger shop when Kino Jimenez, 30, walked up to the teen, ripped off his MAGA hat and threw a drink in his face.

“This is gonna go right in my f**king fireplace, b*tch,” Jimenez yelled, referring to the hat. “You ain’t supporting s**t, n*****.” The vulgar assault and act of hatred went viral and Jimenez has since lost his job over the incident.

There was an outpouring of support online for Richard, with many tweeting in support of him.

The president’s son, Don Jr. came to the defense of the young man, calling the act “disgusting and a disgrace,” and continuing, “No one should feel unsafe supporting their President Donald Trump or #MAGA agenda.”

Don Jr. then asked the tough question, “Imagine someone did this to an Obama supporter?!?!”

Then he proposed a solution to the problem. “If someone can get me this young man’s information I’ll get him a new #maga hat,” Don Jr. declared, “SIGNED by #potus!!!”

However, not all commenters were positive toward Richard.

TMZ sports writer Van Lathan defend the assault – saying in a tweet Thursday “Wish I could take the high road. But your MAGA hat reads like a swastika to me.” Lathan said his stance no longer makes him a “decent person.

Wish I could take the high road. But your MAGA hat reads like a swastika to me. So ummm … hmmm. Yeah. Maybe I’m no longer a decent person. https://t.co/OWYodBRtxB

— VanLathan (@VanLathan) July 5, 2018

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill also condoned an attack, saying on twitter “MAGA hats (deliberately) reflect a movement that conjures racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. So yes, it’s a little harder to feel sympathy when someone gets Coca Cola thrown on him.”