Scarborough: People At Trump’s Montana Rally Were The ‘6,500 Meanest People’

Mike Brest Reporter
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MSNBC’s morning host Joe Scarborough criticized President Trump’s supporters who were in attendance for his rally Thursday night in Montana, calling them the “meanest people” on Friday morning.

Trump jokingly dismissed President George H.W. Bush’s “thousand points of light” slogan, and he again criticized Sen. John McCain’s vote to save Obamacare. Scarborough took those comments as personal attacks on the aging men, and called out the crowd for laughing and cheering.


“This is about the Republicans that are sitting in the crowds, that voted for George H.W. Bush in 1998 and 1992 and voted for John McCain in 2008 who are now sitting there laughing at two men in their final days. What does that say about their character? Forget about Donald Trump’s.”

“Well, I’ve got the number on that crowd; it’s 6,500 people,” Brzezinski said.

“Well, they must have found the 6,500 meanest people,” Scarborough interjected.

“At what point is there decency in the crowd where people stop cheering when he mocks a man who has brain cancer and who is again, fighting for his life, a losing struggle for his life?” Scarborough questioned. (RELATED: MSNBC Mika Lectures Viewers On ‘Utterly Sick’ Trump Admin)

He defended the two elderly Republicans.

“George H.W. Bush, a man who fought in World War II, was shot down by the Japanese, served America overseas as ambassador to China, opening up that relationship,” the news host continued. “Served as ambassador to the United Nations, was a congressman, was a vice president.”

During the rally on Thursday, the president asked the crowd, “And by the way, you know all of the rhetoric: ‘Thousands points of light.’ What the hell was that? What does that mean?”

The phrase was from President Bush’s inaugural speech in January 1989. He and first lady Barbara Bush went on to name a foundation after that quote.

The MSNBC host also recounted McCain’s military background, including his time being held as a prisoner of war.

President Trump has openly been critical of John McCain, including at the rally Thursday night, as a result of McCain’s vote against the repeal of Obamacare, which prevented the bill from passing.