CNN Analyst Calls Trump Racist For Saying Maxine Waters Is A ‘Low IQ Individual’

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CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin called President Trump’s characterization of California Rep. Maxine Waters as a “low IQ individual” a racist attack on Friday.

“Just how about this Maxine Waters stuff over and over again?” said Toobin during a CNN panel discussion. “‘Low IQ.’ How racist is that?”

“I mean come on. Just be honest about this. How many black people does the president have to attack in these terms?” he continued. “I mean, he’s always like, whether it’s NFL football players or, you know, UCLA basketball players. I mean come on. Is it a coincidence that he calls a senior black legislator ‘low IQ?’ It’s revolting and we should just be clear about what’s going on here.”


President Trump called the Democratic congresswoman a “low IQ individual” whose intelligence likely ranged “somewhere in the mid-60s” during his Thursday night Montana rally, prompting Nancy Pelosi to also come to her defense. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Accuses Trump Of Making ‘Despicable Attacks’ On Maxine Waters)

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