Sen. Durbin Compares Children Detained At Border To Thai Children Stuck In Cave

Mike Brest Reporter
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Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin compared the children who have been separated from their parents at the Southern border of the country to the 12 Thai kids who have been stuck in a cave during an interview on “Meet the Press” Sunday.


“Hearts and prayers are with those boys in Thailand, trapped in the cave,” Durbin said.

“I hope our hearts and prayers are also with thousands of children, toddlers and infants, removed from their parents by the Trump administration, under zero tolerance,” he continued. “They’re trapped in a bureaucratic cave, too, so let’s not forget them.”

Four of the 12 children stuck in a Thailand cave have been evacuated so far. A team of international divers were able to reach them and take a couple of those kids back to safety, but it could take days for everyone to be rescued. (RELATED: AT LEAST FOUR BOYS HAVE BEEN RESCUED AFTER BEING TRAPPED IN THAILAND CAVE, LOCAL OFFICIAL SAYS)

Durbin has been a critic of the president’s immigration policy and last weekend joined the growing Democratic movement to call for the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. (RELATED: SEN. DICK DURBIN CALLS ICE ‘A GROUP OF INCOMPETENTS’)