President Trump Trolls Media That Predicted He’d Lose 2016 Election

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Mike Brest Reporter
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President Trump on Sunday evening tweeted out a video of political news pundits who said he didn’t stand a chance to win the presidential election compiled with their reactions from election night.

The video began by showing a clip of the Simpsons depicting Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for president. That specific episode premiered almost two decades ago, on March 19, 2000. That clip is then rolled into a video of the president actually declaring his campaign.

Celebrities and politicians alike were shown saying there was no way he’d win, and included Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama and George Clooney.

The video also included one clip where current anti-Trump comedian Bill Maher asked Ann Coulter which Republican candidate had the best shot of winning the general election, to which she answered, “Trump.” (RELATED: BILL MAHER GOES AFTER TRUMP’S MANHOOD, ALLEGES THE PRESIDENT HAS A ‘MICROD*CK’)

It then progressed to election night. It showed footage of The Young Turk’s election coverage, which was extremely pro-Hillary. The spliced clips showed them stating the likelihood of Trump or Hillary winning the election as more states were called in favor of Trump. As that went on, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s voice was heard calling each state.

The video was uploaded to Youtube by eLouai on December 5, 2016.