The Post-Nomination Meltdown Has Begun — Brett Kavanaugh Is ‘The Trifecta Of Terrible’

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Let’s face it, no matter who President Trump picked to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, liberals were going to melt down on Twitter.

The world saw it coming from a distance. Consider:

Refuse Fascism planned to protest the pick in a dozen large cities, no matter who Trump chose to fill the seat. (RELATED: Protests Already Planned For Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee)

In a Campus Reform video, New York University students expressed their disdain for Trump’s “racist,” “extreme” SCOTUS pick … before the pick was actually made. (RELATED: College Students Say How Much They Hate Trump’s SCOTUS Pick — There’s Only One Problem)

And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi vowed to “avenge President Obama” somehow, if it’s the “last thing” she does. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Vows To ‘Avenge President Obama If It’s The Last Thing I Do’)

So when President Trump announced his pick of Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals Brett Kavanaugh on Monday night, the #resistance sprung:

The last word goes to Rush Limbaugh producer Bo Snerdley, who made his own prophetic prediction, and call to action, before Trump made his pick:

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