Democrat Senator Begs Parkland Student Activists To Get Involved Fighting Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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A Democratic senator has begged for the Parkland student activists to get involved in the SCOTUS nomination battle.

Democrat Senate leaders gathered in front of the Supreme Court Tuesday to decry Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. The press conference follows wild protests Monday night over Trump’s selection of Brett Kavanaugh for the open seat.

Senate leaders sounded the alarm over the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade and attacked the Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society for vetting the candidates. Senator Richard Blumenthal said that Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump to help the president from being “called before a grand jury” and “indicted.” “The question we are asked most often is can you stop him?” Blumenthal lamented, “You are in the minority. The answer is: Republican control the Senate. The American people are on our side in their beliefs and views.”

Blumenthal then called on “Americans to rise up,” asking for the help of Parkland students who led widespread anti-gun movements across the nation after a shooting took the lives of 17 at their school.  “Those Parkland students, the survivors and victims of gun violence across the country, women who believe that the government has no place in their doctors examining rooms or their bedrooms, people who believe that the air and water ought to be clean, that consumers should be protected, we all have a stake in this battle,” Blumenthal declared.

Democrats face an uphill battle in blocking the nomination. The GOP majority just need 51 votes to confirm the nominee.