Scarborough: GOP SCOTUS Nominees Tend To Go Liberal

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed GOP Supreme Court nominees tend to become liberals after serving on the bench and said President Donald Trump may fail to cement a conservative judicial majority.

“Our entire lives have also been filled with Republican presidents winning elections and selecting judges that ‘grew in office,’ which means they went to the left, and never fulfilled the promises that conservatives expected them to fulfill,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe” Tuesday. (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Says Trump’s Lawyers Thinks He’s ‘Too Stupid’ To Sit Down With Bob Mueller Face To Face)

Scarborough cited examples of Republican appointed judges who turned out to be moderates and said the GOP has failed to assert their judicial influence for decades.


“It happened with Sandra Day O’Connor on abortion. It happened with Justice Kennedy on abortion. It happened with Souter with just about everything,” he said. “These were Reagan picks, they were Bush picks. And so — and it happened actually with John Roberts a lot of conservatives would say on Obamacare.”

“So when people are trying to figure out why Republicans may be more connected to Donald Trump now than other Republican presidents in the past — if he delivers on the Supreme Court, he will be doing something that Republicans presidents have been promising to do for 40 years and failing, one way or the other,” Scarborough concluded.

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