Joy Behar: How Dare Trump Be Allowed To Pick SCOTUS Replacement ‘When He’s Under Investigation’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar questioned how President Donald Trump can be “allowed” to pick a replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy while he is “under investigation.”

The comment came Tuesday during a panel discussion on “The View” over Trump’s selection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy, pending confirmation from the Senate.

Sunny Hostin had a hard time saying something bad about the president’s choice and admitted Kavanaugh was “well, well qualified.” She also disagreed with those who think he’s a hard-core conservative, calling him a “moderate conservative.”

Behar jumped in and asked if Hostin thought Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v. Wade. McCain then said, “No,” and explained why.

“I would say for people like you, Joy, who are probably freaking out that Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned, it is not Judge Jeanine Pirro, which I, at one point in time, thought was a possibility,” McCain explained. “For you, it could have been much worse.”

“He might be a quieter version of Judge Jeanine,” Behar responded, before stating that “we believe in checks and balances” and haven’t gotten that since Trump was elected.

“Yeah, but we believe in balance of power,” Behar said. “We believe in checks and balances. We haven’t got that in any of the three branches of government.”

“Because of elections have consequences,” McCain shared. “But the idea that ‘this is like a stolen experience.’ Elections have consequences. Yes, Republicans have three branches of power and now we’re getting two more seats in the Supreme Court.”

“That’s why voting is important,” she added. “But the idea that we are living in some sort of totalitarian fascist country where this was just appointed by a dictator is just a lie. And I think we have to be intellectually honest about that.”

“Well, he’s under investigation, and we are going to have Alan Dershowitz on today and I’d like to ask him why would a president who is under investigation by the FBI for obstruction of justice and collusion be allowed to pick a Supreme Court Justice who will be there … I’ll be dead … there are many people in this room who will still be alive and need abortions…how dare he be allowed to do this when he’s under investigation.”