Michael Moore Says People ‘Have No Choice But To Join The Resistance’ Over Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore said people “have no choice but to join the resistance” over President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

“Best buds Brett Kavanaugh and Karl Rove,” the 64-year-old filmmaker captioned his post, including a snap shot of Kavanaugh with the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and senior advisor during George W. Bush’s presidency.

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“Trump plans to have appointed 4-5 justices to the Supreme Court by the end of his second term in January of 2025,” he added. “You have no choice but to join the resistance in whatever way you can. Everybody off the bench!”

A short time before, Moore hadposted another photo of Trump’s nominee and went on an epic tirade about his eight-point plan to ensure Kavanaugh was not confirmed by the Senate.

“Here are 8 ACTIONS we must all immediately take to stop this detestable move by a president who may be weeks away from being indicted,” Moore explained. “Do not despair — ACT! We are the majority and we must never give up. No matter what the odds, basic morality demands our engagement NOW! You DON’T have to take this.”

At one point, the filmmaker put a call out “to those in the media who take their responsibility seriously, we expect intense investigative journalism into Trump’s nominee. There are skeletons in every closet.”

He also vowed to punish any Democrat who praises “Trump’s choice.”

“We resolve to electorally remove any Senator who puts a nominee on the court by a President under investigation and who’s [sic] campaign manager has been indicted and his National Security Advisor convicted,” Moore wrote. “We vow to punish all Democratic collaborators and centrist pundits/media who praise Trump’s choice in order to pacify and halt any opposition.”