MSNBC Panel Almost Unanimously Supports Brett Kavanaugh

MSNBC panel on Kavanaugh (MSNBC 7/10/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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“MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle” hosted a panel to discuss President Trump’s selection of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and almost all of the panelists expressed their support of the pick on Tuesday morning.


“I think that he has intellectual and moral integrity. He’s extremely smart. He’s very qualified. His opinions are outstanding,” said Peter Wehner, the former director of speechwriting under President George W. Bush.

“So I really do think he’s a spectacular pick,” he continued. “I am a fierce critic of Donald Trump, but I’m capable of saying when he does something right. I think in this case, he did something right.”

President Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Monday night. If confirmed, he will be replacing the oft-deciding voter Justice Anthony Kennedy.(RELATED: PRESIDENT TRUMP’S SUPREME COURT PICK IS IN)

“I agree with what Pete Wehner just said. I think he’s a terrific pick and I think he’s not the hill the Democratic Party wants to die on,” added Bret Stephens, a New York Times op-ed columnist.

Jennifer Daskal, an American University Law School professor, and Matt Welsh, the Editor-at-Large for Reason Magazine, were also on the panel but neither expressed any personal reactions on the nomination.