Woman Arrested For Threatening To Shoot Up Newspaper


Mike Brest Reporter
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A woman has been arrested for threatening to shoot up the Walpole Times, a Massachusetts newspaper, after they decided not to publish an article she submitted over the weekend.

Amy Zuckerman, 64, has been a journalist for over 40 years, but she allegedly sent an email to a reporter at the paper with a threat and a detailed description of the office.

“The specific threats … mentioned shooting a firearm through the window of The Walpole Times while people were there,” Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael said, according to the local CBS affiliate.

Zuckerman is known to police as someone who suffers from mental illness.

“We figure that we had to give some credibility to it, especially in light of what just happened in Maryland. We took it seriously. The people at Walpole Times took it seriously,” Carmichael added.

Zuckerman’s lawyer, Michael Stapleton, defended his client, saying, “She’s been a journalist for 44 years, she’s known on Wikipedia, she’s authored books. Her job is dedicated to journalism.”