Bill Kristol Claims President Trump May Be Rooting For NATO To Fail


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The Weekly Standard editor at large Bill Kristol said President Donald Trump may be rooting for NATO to fall apart because of his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“No one would even have thought in the past of having to say, ‘NATO will survive Bush or Clinton or Obama or Reagan,'” Kristol told MSNBC anchor Brian Williams Tuesday night on “The 11th Hour.” (RELATED: Bill Kristol Predicts Democrats Will Sweep Midterm Elections)

“So I think it’s worrisome and I would have said a year ago … ‘Yeah, at the end of the day, NATO will survive. Trump’s doing some damage on the margins, but at the end of the day, the alliance has been there so long,’ but I now am worried,” he continued.


Kristol accused Trump of manufacturing problems with NATO and said it’s possible the president is creating an international crisis on purpose.

“I mean, Trump in the last few days — the incessant attacks on our NATO allies. The kind of almost manufactured grievance that he just wants to litigate over and over,” Kristol concluded. “You combine that with the friendship with Putin, friendly attitude towards Putin and you really wonder: Could he want to have it fall apart? Or could he be so reckless that it really does fall apart?”

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