MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Trump’s An ‘Eight-Year Old’ Spewing ‘Pyschobabble’

Mike Brest Reporter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews referred to President Trump as an “eight year old” that spews “psychobabble” on his show Wednesday night.


“What’s this psychobabble here?” Matthews said to Ben Rhodes, a former Obama White House official. “You think he’s an eight year old! Throw the blocks around. Don’t play with the other kids you’re supposed to be playing with.”

“Why does Trump behave the way he does? Is it all mental or is it something psycho about it?” he continued.

“Why jeopardize one of history’s great marriages, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, for a one off with a man who tried undermining our democracy?” Matthews added.

Matthews was discussing Trump’s stance on both Russia and the country’s NATO allies as he is currently in Belgium at a NATO summit and has a meeting with Vladimir Putin scheduled for next Monday in Helsinki.

Rhodes added that he thought the president liked being “center of attention,” and that’s driven his actions.

President Trump has been very critical many of the other members of NATO for not living up to their agreed upon target of spending 2 percent of their GDP. As of now, only four other countries and the United States do, although countries have until 2024 to reach the mark. (RELATED: MSNBC’s Ruhle Accurately Explains Trump’s NATO Stance)