VOTE: What Is Your Favorite Trump Food?

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Jessica Jenkins Contributor
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President Trump has been criticized for a crazy number of things by the media. Interesting, though, is the media’s obsessions with his diet. While we acknowledge that it’s a bit unorthodox, it seems that we have never known so much about a president’s eating habits. (RELATED: Can You Handle Donald Trump’s McDonald’s Order? We Tried, And The Results Were Pretty Insane)

Whether it comes from a fear of being poisoned or he just has an affinity for salt and sugar (who doesn’t?!), Trump’s eating habits can be confusing to even his most vehement supporters. Trump can eat a lot, and he claims to be an authority on good food, as shown by his forays into food and wine production. (RELATED: Tell-All Book Reveals Why Trump Loves McDonalds So Much)

From McDonald’s to taco bowls to Trump Steaks to two scoops of ice cream, which of these Trump foods is your favorite? Which is kinda gross? Vote here and let us know in the comments below!
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